bazel 360

About BAZEL360

Back in 2019, an idea sparked in Zura Bazel's mind. This idea later led to the creation of BAZEL360. Zura's outlook on jewelry has always been unique, but this new spark was different. Zura envisioned a new innovated necklace that would grant the freedom of creation - a site where anyone from children to adults can experience and explore new ways to expand their horizons.

Zura Bazel's site is for all creators who wish to experiment with high quality hand made luxury products. Here, there are no limits to your imagination.

The BAZEL360 Difference

Whatever the occasion, a gift from BAZEL360 is a reason to celebrate. The combination of our unique design and personal touch given by you creates one-of-a-kind pieces, gifts that hold memories, love, and appreciation. When quality and imagination meet, a magical spark forms within us - one we will never forget.