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Bazel360 Jewelry Industry
Join us as we take you behind the scenes and show you the working process of Bazel360
Bringing Art to Life
Experience the creative process from artist to product with Bazel360. Watch as designs come to life on our platform.
The Future of Custom Jewelry
Crafting customizable jewelry with a twist! Unleash creativity & join our community.
Bazel360 Promo
Discover the beauty of our jewelry in this studio promo shoot
A Quick Registration Guide
Learn to register on Bazel360 & kickstart your custom jewelry design journey in minutes! #GetStarted"
Empower Your Creativity
Learn how Bazel360's artist program can help you monetize your talent by providing a platform to showcase and sell your unique jewelry designs.
Glamour in the Studio
Watch our captivating video featuring stunning jewelry pieces and an alluring model in dramatic lighting
Artistry Unleashed
Design and sell your own unique jewelry or browse a collection of artisan pieces on our innovative platform, Bazel360
How to create your first Circle
This is a little tutorial that helps you to learn how to create your design how to publish and sell on our web page.


BAZEL360 was an idea that sparked in a mind of a silversmith's head, his drive to create a platform for all of those who dream to create jewelry pieces is the reason we are here today.

Our family at BAZEL360 is here to provide a smooth, easy, and enjoyable space where there are no barriers, where everything is possible.

No limit to your imagination.
Join our family today.


Sparkle Starter
Ignite creativity with an introduction to customizable jewelry